Conquest of Jurassic World

This is an editing project combining material from Jurassic World and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom into a flashback structure. Running about 2.5 hours, this edit tries to strengthen the lead characters’ arcs by giving Claire more agency and making Owen a bit more flawed. By intercutting the films I tried to emphasize the themes of hubris and contempt for nature that tie more directly to the original Jurassic Park.  I used roughly 60 minutes of Jurassic World and 90 minutes of Fallen Kingdom.

Conquest of Jurassic World (Teaser)

Hopefully it’s a nice little Christmas gift for those looking for something to watch over the holidays.  This has been a fairly quick project, so feedback is certainly welcome (DM me on Twitter or mail JobWillins at gmail). You can watch the full project via one of the links below.

1080p/Stereo Vimeo stream (Password: margaritaville)

1080p/Surround HEVC download

Hope you enjoy Conquest of Jurassic World!

~Daniel aka Job Willins

PS: Here’s a poster for your Plex servers and whatnots…